Sunday, 28 October 2007

Wacky Hair

On Friday the 26th of October at Nelson Central Primary School was having Wacky Hair Day. Most of Nelson Central made their hair wacky like some people dyed their hair with dye or food colouring. Some people put a number pig tail in their hair, colourful mohorks and wigs.

Wacky hair day

Last Friday we had wacky hair day to fundraise for save the children. Some people had red hair some green some wigs some ponytails like Sam and Hamish. It was really wacky and fun. Brady had the coolest hair harry had the wackiest ever have wacky hair. Lachlan has wacky every day so he did not do anything with his hair he just left his hair red, fluffy and curly.


For wacky hair day I had hair that was all over the place and looked like Dennis the mennis. My hair was really stiff. My hair was green red and it was really wacky. I felt really, really cool because I didn't have to wear a hat. Other people looked really wacky too. My Mum said I looked Dennis the Mennis because she used to watch it. I died my hair yellow like last year. This year had sparkcels and yellow died. I got the idear from my mum and dad becouse my brother went wild with his hair that day so I did the same thing. I for got I had wacky hair and I ackserdently on my hat and it was yellow after that.

Tuesday, 9 October 2007


At the museum we went upstairs. When we were upstairs we saw heaps of mirrors. Did you no that you can t can see someone through the wall? You need a mirror. After that we had a look at the mirrors we look at all kinds of mirrors. The mirrors were fantastic.

Thursday, 30 August 2007


My favourite activitiy was archery because I nearly hit the target. Lewis
My favourite activity was the burma trail because it was fun and freaky. Martina


At camp we did lots of activatys our faviorite was jeep driving and archery.We had teapot valley burgers for dinner.We had pizza for lunch.At camp I played elegro on my violin And I played my guitar and Paris did a dance.
Max Sam Paris.


At camp we went into the maze and I got lost.The best part was when I got to play archery. Sam